Courtyard Animal Hospital full service coming soon

Courtyard Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital coming soon to serve the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We bring care and compassion to your beloved pets because we know they become irreplaceable family members. Therefore, we treat your pet as we would your child, with the utmost attention and compassion. You can trust that your animal is safe with us.

Adam Yu, head veterinarian and co-owner of the hospital, was inspired to become a veterinarian following an automobile accident with his pet in 2003. One month later, his dog died suddenly from an undetected blood clot in its lung. Yu had complained to his veterinarian at the time that the dog was having trouble breathing, but the vet had disregarded it as anxiety. Dr. Yu now knows that a CT scan would have saved his dog’s life. He has vowed never to disregard complaints like his veterinarian did, and animal care has been his passion ever since.

Along with his partner and staff, the Courtyard Animal Hospital team has been purposefully picked to ensure quality care is given to your pet. The hospital keeps an electronic health record for your pet, and they offer full-service care during normal business hours and emergency care around the clock.

Full-service care includes normal well-checks, grooming and bathing, and kenneling services. Each kennel is equipped with a large run, so your animal will not feel caged or cramped. Handlers play with the animals for thirty minutes everyday, and they are allowed to run during business hours. The kennels are separated by solid partitions halfway through the enclosures, so your animals may enjoy privacy if they wish. We prefer they eat the food they are used to, so please bring enough for their stay. If not, we serve a homemade organic blend to ensure healthy ingredients and no contamination.

Dr. Yu is committed to giving animals the proper care, so nothing happens to somebody’s pet due to inattentiveness. His around-the-clock emergency services are top-of-the-line, and he has a complete surgical room and imaging room to ensure emergencies can be handled as soon as they develop. He understands that the speed in which injured animals receive care is critical to the success of their treatment. Your injured animal is in the best hands at Courtyard Animal Hospital.

The hospital is scheduled to open mid-November, and we will be scheduling appointments in September. If you’d like to inquire about our services or our job opportunities, please contact us here.