Animal Health & Diet Resources

Retail Pet Purchases – Interested in buying a pet at a retail outlet? Check here for the guidelines required for retail outlets to sell live animals.
Service Animals  – If you’re thinking about making your dog into a service animal or acquiring one, here is what to know.
Pet Sitters – Going on holiday and can’t take Spot or Fluffy with you? Research people and companies in your area who will pet sit so you can keep your peace of mind.
Pet Trends 2017 – If you keep your nose to the ground for upcoming trends in the pet industry, bookmark this site!
Pet Care – All the news on nutrition, care, poisons to watch for, exercise and more from the advocates who helped start it all.
DIY Nutrition – A great knowledge base for those wanting to make their own pet food.
DIY Snacks – Another site teaching you how to craft healthy, low-cost pet food and treats.
DIY Bug Repellant – With just a few ingredients, you can keep those pesky mosquitoes off of you and your four-legged best friend.
Pet Therapy – We all know pets are good for our psyche but do we know if we’re good for theirs? Interesting data on the effects pets have on mental health.

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