Slick Wheels for Man’s Best Friend

Your dog is always there for you. Waiting with tail aflutter, happy panting, and begging for a scratch, a treat, exercise, or just simple acknowledgment with a pat on the head, man’s best friend never turns away from you. What happens when your pal ages, and with it comes arthritis or development of a hip issue or is involved in a tragic accident which leaves him unable to get around. Now YOU are the one who is needed to help.

Restore Mobility

One of the most internet worthy inventors of the dog wheelchair Mark C. Robinson created the gadget in order to help with care for elderly, disabled and special needs pets. That being said, the creation has spawned others to offer their version of a dog wheelchair for sale, all with one common goal; to improve our pet’s mobility, and enhance their quality of life. An animal owner now has other options when something goes wrong with their four-legged family member’s legs.

Not One Size Fits All

When considering a dog wheelchair, one of the most important features will be to find an appropriate size. Your veterinarian can certainly assist with helping you obtain the correct measurements required before you buy your canine or feline Pirellis’.  A harness will go around the front of your pet, with the wheels tucked somewhere under their pelvic region, hence why getting accurate pet length and width is crucial.

This spiffy set of wheels can literally change the way an injured pet acts, and behaves, in a very positive way. Just think about it for a second. If something happened to your mobility, wouldn’t you be tickled to get it back, in any way possible? These devices can be tailor made not only to fit the size of your pet, activity level but also where they hang out. For example, do you do a lot of trail hiking or running with your animal?  Then perhaps a heartier set of tires and harness materials might be suitable for those conditions. Maybe you’re just a city strider and Fido won’t be doing any Spartan races, so you might consider something for lighter performance with less meaty wheels.

They can be easily removed for when you need to bathe your pet, and in any matter,  these dog wheelchairs really do improve your pet’s ability to keep up with you and get back to their normal activities.